ICT-ED Vision, Mission and Institutional Goals


We envision ICT-ED to be a premiere 21st-century non-stock, non-profit & non-sectarian institution of scholars providing diverse, dynamic, rigorous education and producing holistically developed, globally competitive individuals and professionals. 



ICT-ED Institute of Science and Technology provides diverse, dynamic, and rigorous education by ensuring a learning environment that promotes the total development of a person enabling him to compete in the global village (arena).


Institutional Goals

ICT-ED Institute of Science and Technology commits itself to :

  1. Provide student-centered activities designed to cater learners’ diversity, varied learning styles, needs, and interests, coupled with exposure to real-life work environments that guarantee successful outcomes-based experiences;
  2. Ensure a safe, supportive, and high-quality learning environment that fosters self-discipline, skills and professional development, spiritual growth, and concern for others; and
  1. Promote advancement and innovation in technology-based instructional pedagogies, research, immersion, and training for global competitiveness.


Core Values  :            

WISDOM                      FAITH                           SERVICE


ICT-ED Hymn :   



Though far we meander from thy doors,

Follows paths of your golden lore,

Inspires the heart and faith to glowing fame

Over its name the success fold

With love and pride, we think of thee,


Hail ICT-ED our Alma Mater Dear,

We revere thy name

Thy sons and daughters there will be

Forever loyal and true to thee

Onward to honor you and fame


Imbued with love to sing glad acclaim

Our Alma Mater praise thy name

A braver learned we see thee stand.

Onward to honor you and fame

(Repeat Chorus)

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Data Privacy Policy

ICT-ED (the “School”) is bound by the Data Privacy Act of 2012 (the “Act”). It is committed to respecting each student’s personal privacy while ensuring its ability to fully carry out its responsibilities.

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