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The historical roots of ICT-ED Institute of Science and Technology can be traced back to 2002 which was then Kiddie Information Technology Training Center (KITC) started as a tutorial program located at Valenzuela City. It was organized and founded by Dr. Dante V. Andal. Ultimately, it opened the Pre School Program which adopted both Montessori and Computer Aided Learning Approach of teaching using the individualized instruction (I.I.) having overriding objective of providing quality teaching – learning processes in and out of the classroom. When the first formalized program of the Pre School and Primary School (Grade 1 -3) was introduced in San Antonio, Quezon and 2005 when the San Antonio InfoTech School was established. The school owner planned to transfer location from Valenzuela City to San Antonio Quezon to further achieve his dream for elementary course program. The school started with an initial enrolment of 26 pupils for Pre School course program as a response to the need for quality education in the learning community area of San Antonio Quezon. With increasing interest in and demand for Pre School and Grade School program education in the private sector, the San Antonio InfoTech (School Year 2006 - 2007), was its population from 26 pupils to 63 pupils to provide formal education in both Pre School and Grade School Program with 142% increased of population as SY 2005 -2006.

On 25 January 25 2008, under the recommendation made by the Department of Education, the San Antonio InfoTech School was formally established for complete Elementary Course (Grade 1 -6) by granting Permit to Operate and the Pre School course has been given a Recognition Permit with a view to upgrading Basic Education.

December 8, 2009 when ICT-ED Department of San Antonio InfoTech School was then formed as educational institution for tertiary level in Lipa City, Batangas with an initial population of 80 students enrolled in the 2 – Year course programs in Business, Technology, Tourism Management and Hotel and Restaurant Services under the qualifications of TESDA, the institution was translated into a new scheme of education and training. In 2010, ICT-ED Institute of Science and Technology unveiled the Strategic Plan for 2009 – 2012 and beyond – “Planning for the Future, Making a Difference towards Innovation and Creativity”, in its 8th year anniversary was then formed and operate to become an education-focused and multi- disciplinary institution. ICT-ED vision and mission in promoting the strategic development of Technology and Business is very much optimistic and resolute to rise to dire challenge of “Innovation for Quality Education”. The institution enables to produce graduates who gained innovative education by undertaking collaborative projects and enhancing school partnership activities both local and international conferences.

December 8, 2012, San Antonio InfoTech School became an Integrated School Department of ICT-ED Institute of Science and Technology by embracing as “Education matters”, for it has the capacity to improve live and transform communities in world of competitiveness. The key to a successful school system for its operation by “Transforming People – Our students Towards Innovative Approach” by assuring quality education and nurturing students to be intellectually active, socially caring and globally aware.

June 2013 ICT-ED Institute of Science and Technology commenced CHED programs to continue its commitment parallel to the concept of excellence, combining professionalism and service to the community. The College of Business, Computer and Technical Education were duly organized by its school president to realign the curriculum offering on various TESDA qualifications to formalize the course program in the certification and accreditation. The transformation of ICT-ED image in the new triennium facing a new set of direction in strategic planning adheres to sustain effectiveness in teaching – learning and provision of better facilities.

As an institution, one of ICT-ED primary missions is to disseminate knowledge from one generation to the next, and to be a place for the communication of innovative ideas and thought. The institute nurture young professionals and promote a learning society. It is devoted to the advancement of scholarship through knowledge creation and transfer. The ICT_ED actively foster partnerships with the wider educational community in evolving model of a school with a societal mission – one that contributes to lifelong learning and human betterment in CALABARZON region, where education has long been regarded as the principal engine of social progress and mobility.

Currently (2015), ICT-ED is upholding the excellent standard in its educational operation through affiliation in various organizations locally and internationally. As the school continuously improve its educational quality, its avidity to endure various accreditation is instigated by the school president, envisioned to strengthen and sustain the quality and integrity of the school, making it worthy of stakeholders’ confidence. The institute will build on a strong commitment to providing national and international experiences that will broaden the global horizons of the Institute community on and off campus. The school will continue to diversify our student population and strengthen links with partner institutions nationally, so that students and our scholarship will gain a global perspective, learning from and sharing in the diversity and experiences of our counterparts around the country.

ICT-ED is now seeking a multi- disciplinary learning environment that is conducive to the pursuit of wisdom with an adherence to the advocacy in policy and practice and the promotion of collaboration and diversity. The institution and the staff pledge to continuously aim and work to contribute to the advancement of knowledge, scholarship and innovation with sustainable impact on social progress and human betterment of all the persons we cater. The ICT-ED and its strategic development of Education Service in CALABAZON remains our first priority, and also contribute actively towards innovation for quality education. The impact of our teaching and research will enhance education development and quality throughout the region.

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