ICT-ED Vision, Mission and Institutional Goals

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We envision ICT-ED to be a premiere 21st century non-stock, non-profit & non-sectarian institution of scholars providing diverse, dynamic, rigorous education and producing holistically developed, globally competitive individuals and professionals. 



ICT-ED Institute of Science and Technology provides diverse, dynamic and rigorous education by ensuring a learning environment that promotes total development of a person enabling him to compete in the global village (arena).


Institutional Goals

ICT-ED Institute of Science and Technology commits itself to :

  1. Provide student-centered activities designed to cater learners’ diversity, varied learning styles, needs and interests, coupled with exposure to real-life work environment that guarantee successful outcomes-based experiences;
  2. Ensure a safe, supportive and high quality learning environment that fosters self-discipline, skills and professional development, spiritual growth and concern for others; and
  1. Promote advancement and innovation in technology-based instructional pedagogies, research, immersion and training for global competitiveness.


Core Values  :            

WISDOM                      FAITH                           SERVICE