Accountancy Business and Management Strand (ABM) The Accountancy and Business Management Strand provides adequate pre-university training for those who are inclined to pursue careers in entrepreneurship, banking, accountancy, finance and management in the corporate setting and in the tourism and hotel and restaurant industries. Like the other strands it is also composed of core, applied and specialized subjects. An important component of this strand is an off-campus practicum in relevant institutions.

Home Economics provides the student adequate skills and exposure to the work environment learn many other competencies related to Food and Beverage Services (FBS), Housekeeping and Tourism and Promotion Services. They are further enriched by the experiences they gained as they go through the daily grind and routines of their work during their industry immersion. They are exposed to the real world of work and are offered more opportunities to get acquainted with the nature of their work. The industry also complements what might have not been addressed in their in-campus training.

The range of occupational pathways in Information and Communications Technology continues to expand as technology penetrates more and more aspects of daily life. Common areas of work for Senior High School ICT graduates include: software engineering and programming; systems analysis and administration; general ICT management; multimedia development; and ICT support.

SHS Scholarship application is now ongoing. Apply now and avail of our FREE TUITION & FREE MISCELLANEOUS FEE program.

SHS Scholarship Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Who can avail of the ICT-ED SHS scholarship program?  Any one who is a Junior High School Completer by next year 2020 from public or private schools.
  2. How can to reserve the scholarship slot? Visit ICT-ED Admission and Scholarship Office and fill up the registration form.
  3. Is there a fee for the reservation of scholarship slot? scholarship reservation is Free.
  4. What can a student get after the reservation of his/her scholarship slot? After registration, certificate of scholarship will be issued stating the eligibility of the student for SHS Scholarship for AY: 2020-2021.
  5. What’s next? Wait for another call up for scholarship orientation.