The ICT-EDIANS College of Business Studies is to prepare students to think critically and act decisively in the dynamic global market.

To provide an affordable, high-quality business education that conforms to the highest standards of the Philippine education system.

 1. To provide comprehensive student school programs and career advising for business education.

 2. To serve as a community resource and a model for business studies.

 3. To demonstrate a breadth and depth of knowledge within Business Programs by:

   - Studying and formulating domestic and international solutions in business, economics, marketing, and management.

   - Using appropriate technology as a tool to research and solve problems.

   - Introducing team-work as an introduction to real-world applications for problem solving demonstrate an ability to communicate effectively

4. To collaborate and share expertise in research, extension, and production with external stakeholders.

5. To  undertake research in business and industry and related disciplines.

6. To produce graduates imbibed with the value of social entrepreneurship in their unrelenting quest for    excellence.

7. To conserve and disseminate culture in enriching contributions from each generation.


  • Bachelor Of Science in Entrepreneurship
  • Bachelor of Science in Office Administration
  • 2-Year Diploma in Business Management Technology
  • 2-Year Diploma in Hotel and Restaurant Services
  • 2-Year Diploma in Travel and Tourism Services

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