A student applicant for undergraduate courses must be a graduate of an accredited 4-year high school recognized by the Government and those who have completed an equivalent education as Certified by the Department of Education. They must cope with the requirements of ICT-ED Institute of Science and Technology.

1. Must passed ICT-ED's Entrance Examination (applicable for degree courses only).
2. Filled-up application form for Freshmen.
3. Form 137 (high school transcript of record), Form 138 (high school report card)
4. Two (2) recent copies of 2" x 2" ID pictures with applicant's name and signature at the back.
5. Long brown envelope


A transfer student may be admitted only if it could be proven satisfactorily through the screening process.
A transfer student may be admitted provided:

1. Student applicant has obtained good collegiate academic units earned outside ICT-ED. This requirement must be strictly followed.
2. Trascript of record or Certified copy of grades for evaluation purpose.
3. Transfer of Credential Slip
4. Filled-up application and transferee academic evaluation forms.
5. Certification of Good Moral Character.
5. Two (recent) copies 2" x 2" ID picture with applicants signature and name at the back.


1. Original Grade 10 report card with the applicant's eligibility for admission to Senior High School duly signed by the school principal
2. Original certificate of good moral character (dated February 2016 onwards) from the high school (with school seal)
3. Original birth certificate printed on National Statistics Office (NSO) paper
4. Fully accomplished SHS Student Data Sheet / SHS Enrolment Form
5. 1 pc. ID picture (plain background), size 1½” x 1½”
6. One (1) long brown envelope to contain all of the above

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