B.S in Accounting Information System (BSAIS)

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Program Description

As a field of study, Accounting Information System is a profession that combines knowledge in business, accounting and computer systems. It involves partnering with managements operations and decision-making by coordinating the information technology activities, providing expertise in choosing the best software or designing and maintaining the overall information system, assessing the integrity of the system and recommending improvements to assist the management in the formulation and implementation of an organization's strategy.

Accounting Information System professional are expected to: (a) apply accounting, financial, and computer skills; (b) ensure these skills are applied in the context of business; (c) to influence the decisions, actions and behavior of others; and (d) lead the organization at the different level.


Specific Professions/careers/occupation for Graduates

The field of accounting offers stimulating and challenging work that is constantly evolving. The BSAIS program seeks to prepare the student for an Accounting Information career.

Specific sample job opportunities are the following:

Entry-level Positions

  1. Public practice: Junior Analyst, Consulting Staff
  2. Commerce and Industry: Cost Analyst, Investment Analyst, Accounting Information Staff, Tax Accounting Staff, Financial Analyst, Budget Analyst, Cost Accountant.
  3. Government: Treasury Agent, State Accountant, LGU Accountant, Revenue Officer, Audit Examiner, Budget Officer, Financial Service Specialist.
  4. Education: Junior Accounting Instructor

Middle Level Positions

Admission Requirements


However, if they were not able to graduate high school, they may opt to take the Alternative Learning System (ALS) and pass the Philippine Educational Placement Test (PEPT) to qualify for college; the availability of courses for PEPT passers depend on the university.

Basic Requirements

Download : BSAIS updated curriculum